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Getting ready to move into that new home, selling or simply putting a new face on your current abode, here are some reported hot and not so hot trends in home decor for 2018.

Many different sources say it is time to wave good bye to the drab hues and neutral tones. The word in decorating is exciting. Color everywhere and patterns. Colored appliances...don’t panic…not mom’s harvest gold and avocado, yuck, but bright new colors bold blues and radiant reds. Also out is the gray couch and beige chairs. Spice it up with cool herringbone, geometric and floral patterns for furniture, walls and floors. Don’t know what to choose? Mix it all up in complementary designs and colors.

Other trends on the horizon for 2018 include spa-like bathrooms, curvy furniture, rich jewel tone colors and luxurious velvet fabrics. Just imagine the focal point of your room being a soft velvety sofa in this year’s pantone favorite ultra-violet. Throw on some patterned pillows and even the most persnickety buyer will be ready to make an offer.

Whatever your preference, it looks like the experts are saying just about anything goes for 2018. Your home is your refuge. Keep it easy, comfortable, relaxing and natural, but lose the barn door and the cutesy word wall art. The barn door belongs…well, on the barn and expressing your feelings on your living room wall is said to be so 2017.

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